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I have been practicing law in the State of Texas for the past 27 years. During this time I have represented hundreds of clients on divorce, probate and criminal cases. My number one priority in representing you will be reaching a successful resolution of your legal issues. I offer reasonable fees and payment arrangements.

I Handle The Following Types Of Cases

Criminal Law: Drug Charges - DWI - Family Violence - Theft - Robbery - Burglary - Assaults.

Family Law: Divorce - Modification - Child Support - Name change - Paternity - The Parent-Child - Relationship - adoption.

Probate: Probating Wills - Small Estate Affidavits - Preparation of Wills - Durable Power of attorneys - health care power of Attorneys - Directive to Physicians (Living Will).

Traffic Tickets: All types of traffic violations.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Texas divorce law

David will begin posting soon.


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